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Special Needs Assistants

The Church of Ireland College offers a training course for Special Needs Assistants. This course is funded by the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills. It is organised on a part-time basis with participants attending during schools' October mid-term break and on a number of Saturdays throughout the remainder of the year.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Certificate Course for Special Needs Assistants, participants will have:

  • Developed their knowledge of the role of the SNA in relation to the child, the teacher and the whole school
  • Developed skills relating to communication, collaboration and teamwork
  • Developed and understanding of different categories of special educational need and the role of the SNA in supporting these needs
  • Developed an understanding of the role of the SNA in supporting and enabling the child with special educational needs to access the curriculum
  • Furthered their own personal and professional development

Course Content

  • The Role of the Special Needs Assistant
  • Understanding and Supporting the Student with Special Educational Needs
  • Supporting the Care Needs of Students - Enabling Participation in the Life of the School
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Course Requirements

In order to satisfactorily complete the course, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Full attendance at all lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Completion of a number of assignments to a satisfactory standard


Admission to the course is currently open to Special Needs Assistants who are working full-time in primary, post-primary and special schools and who have completed a twenty hour induction course offered by Education Centres nationwide.


The certificate is awarded by the Church of Ireland College of Education to participants who successfully complete the training programme. Participants are assessed on the basis of full attendance and participation during lectures, seminars and workshops, and completion of assignments.


No course or registration fees apply to this course.