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B Ed Programme

Degree of Bachelor of Education (in association with the University of Dublin ,Trinity College)

Courses at CICE

Courses taught at the Church of Ireland College of Education focus on:

  • Curriculum content and method studies in the seven primary school curriculum areas: Language (Gaeilge and English), Mathematics, Social Environmental and Scientific Education (History, Geography and Science), Arts Education (Visual Arts, Music and Drama), Physical Education, Social, Personal and Health Education, and Religious Education
  • Gaeilge, English and Mathematics
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching and Learning
  • Practice of Teaching (school and classroom planning, organisation and management, working with parents, assessment and professional development)
  • Inclusive Education - the various categories of special educational needs and how children with such needs may be taught in the ordinary classroom
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Development and Intercultural Education (DICE)

Courses in the University (TCD)

In TCD, studies concentrate on more theoretical aspects of education including:

  • Child Development
  • Language Study
  • Educational Psychology
  • Sociology of Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Statistics and Evaluation
  • Educational Ideas
  • The Irish Education System

Teaching Practice

School experience is regarded as a vital component of the B. Ed. degree course, and students spend approximately 18 weeks in school over the course of the three year programme. Every effort is made to ensure that students gain experience of teaching various age groups, multi-grade and single grade classes, and of working in both rural and urban schools.

Teaching practice gives the opportunity to develop the wide range of skills required to be competent in a classroom. In addition it provides a practical context for college-based work. During all teaching practice placements students are supervised by college staff.


In outline, the B. Ed. programme includes the following subjects:


  • Teaching Practice


  • Gaeilge
  • English
  • Mathematics

Curriculum and Methodology

  • Modhanna MĂșinte na Gaeilge
  • English Methods
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Social, Environmental, and Scientific Education (SESE)
  • Professional Development

Subjects Delivered over the Three Years of the B. Ed. Programme

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Visual Arts Education
  • Drama Education
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE)
  • Religious Education
  • Information and Communications Technology in Primary Teacher Education
  • Development and Intercultural Education (DICE)

For a more detailed course description, download the attached pdf document:

B. Ed. Syllabus

Entry Requirements

For the entry requirements for the Bachelor of Education degree, download the attached pdf document:

B. Ed. Entry Requirements